Domenic Jarlkaganova is a Kazakh- Canadian composer, who immigrated to Toronto from Almaty,Kazakhstan in 2004.

Her music ranges from the expanse of the Electroacoustic medium, to Soloistic, Chamber and Orchestral works.

The focus of her work is  exploring the depths in the human psyche, reaching the underlying contradiction, the tension between growing and passing, dying while thriving.

There is a constant reminder to the listener, that life is as finite as the musical material that is used, and any beauty in its texture and melody, must struggle with this framework constantly.”

Domenic’s electroacoustic music joins discovery of sound with celebration of dance. Her own choreographies as well as collaborations focus heavily on humans/creatures recognizing and nurturing their spirit to its greatest potential.

Her recent performances included a collaboration with an established Toronto choreographer Angela Blumberg, and a premiere in the 2016 New Music Festival in the University of Toronto Faculty of Music, among the 2015-2016 Roger D. Moore’s Distinguished Visitor in Composition Allan Gordon Bell, as well as a series of performances in the Toronto  2016 Fringe Festival.